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Diamond wheels, paper cutting knives, sheeter knives, TCT shear blades, TCT work rest blades, slitter knives, trimmer knives & others cutting tools.

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Diamond Grinding Wheel  
Diamond Grinding Wheel
Guillotine paper cutter | Slitter cutter 
Paper Cutting Knives
Sheeter Knives
Sheeter Knives - We can supply all of the literally hundreds of different sheeter knives designs and in the bevel and alloy required to suit the material being cut. These knives are manufactured to extremely close tolerances and carefully inspected to insure straightness and parallelism.
Our advanced sheeter knives design maintain a strong, keen cutting edge and withstand the cutting forces generated by today's high speed machines without compromising consistent cutting accuracy. You get a longer blade life resulting in less downtime, which means higher productivity and more cuts per grind.
* We supply all of the literally hundreds of sheeter knives designs.
* Inspected for straightness and parallelism of the sheeter knives.
* Longer shheter knives blades life resulting in less downtime and more cuts per grind.
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Trimmer Knives Hardmetal Knives Sdn Bhd manufactures and supplies Paper Trimmer knives for every machine make and model.
Our Paper Trimmer Knives are precision manufactured to extremely close tolerances and mechanically honed to produce razor sharp, burr-free cutting edges.

* Mechanically honed cutting edge for razor sharp, burr-free cutting edge trimmer knives.
* Mirror surface finishes.
* In stock for immediate delivery
* Expert in-house sharpening service V super-finished cutting edge
* Edge bow & flatness straightening of trimmer knives.

Performance Engineered Metallurgy
* Inlaid alloy tool steel
* Solid D-2 High carbon/High chrome tool steel
* Inlaid 18% tungsten high speed steel
* Inlaid Stellite
* ICE? Inlaid Carbide Extreme

Trimmer Knives
* Industry tested polymer composites Performance engineered to prevent premature trimmer knife dulling
* Precision manufactured to extremely close tolerances

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Diamond Wheels Malaysia

Diamond Wheel Malaysia- Diamond wheels are grinding wheels with industrial diamonds bonded to the periphery.
They are used for grinding extremely hard materials such as carbide tips, gemstones or concrete.

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Guillotine Paper Cutter | Slitter Knife

Corrugated Back Knives

Corrugated back knife cutter heads use precise serrations on the knives and heads to ensure tight knife clamping. The knives are ground in the head to allow for high profile accuracy and surface quality. The cutter heads are available in 100, 122, 137 and 150mm diameters, as well as 4 and 6 wing configurations. All heads can be ordered wiith 10, 15, or 20 degree hook angles and are available with bore sizes and hook angles other than the ones shown. Other custom sized heads and special cutters can be ordered upon request.

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Circular Saw Blades Malaysia

Saw blades are cutting implements used in conjunction with saws and other cutting devices. There are many different types of products. Examples include band saw blades, circular saw blades, diamond saw blades, scroll saw blades, reciprocating saw blades, jig saw blades, concrete saw blades, and tile saw blades. A band saw blade fits a band saw and is used to cut irregular shapes in wood or metal. A circular saw blade fits a circular saw and is used to cut wood. A diamond saw blade contains diamond-tipped teeth and is used to cut nonferrous metals, ceramics, glass, stone, and building materials. A scroll saw blade fits a scroll saw and is used to cut curved lines in woods and plastics. A reciprocating saw blade moves back and forth and is used in building construction. A jig saw blade fits a jig saw to cut curved, irregular, and ornamental lines. A concrete saw blade is used with a concrete saw to cut concrete, cement and similar materials. A tile saw blade fits a tile saw and is used to cut ceramic tiles, granite, and stone.

Saw blades are made from many different materials. Steel saw blades are relatively inexpensive and suitable for cutting wood. Most band saw blades are made of steel. High-speed steel (HSS) saw blades are harder than regular steel blades and stay sharp for longer periods of time. Scroll saw blades, reciprocating saw blades, and jig saw blades are all made of HSS. Carbide-tipped blades are more expensive than steel blades and HSS blades, but remain sharp for even longer periods of time. Tile saw blades are usually carbide-tipped. Abrasive blades that contain bonded abrasive materials are designed to cut masonry and metals. A concrete saw blade is usually made of bonded abrasive materials.

Saw blades are used in many construction, wood working, and metalworking applications. A saw blade can be removed from a saw, but should be used only for its intended application. Safety precautions should be taken when using any saw or saw blade. If used and stored properly, saw blades may offer a long life.